The Calm


The fog hangs in the air like a t-shirt left out to dry. The thickness causes the trees to constantly wave to one another, unsure if their branches can be spotted through the eerie weather. Some trees are more frantic than others. Perhaps the are not waiving in welcome, but in warning: “It is not safe here.” The fog is is in no rush to leave, making its mark on all that behold its presence: “I was here, do not be so quick to forget.”
To escape the looming doom from above, the water leaves its home in the sky and seeks safety in the trees. They offer no refuge, but encouragement: “Continue to flee. Down below; find safety below!” and releases them to resume their descent.
In near silence this transpires, the only sound from the breeze, on guard for suspicious behavior: interrogating the trees, testing the defenses of nature.
They are waiting.

Bear With Me

Three posts, an “About” me page completed, and yet still I feel like I haven’t said anything. I still feel like I am still trying to find my way. Understanding what it is that I want this to be. I have ideas in my head that are never quite worked out to the degree that I wish them to be, and so I am never quite as confident, never quite as sure, as I might seem. Know that I agonize over every post, over every word, constantly, with perfection being as elusive as the details of a fading dream.
One day I’ll get it right.


Opening Credits


I want you to be okay with being the exception to the rule.
I want you to be okay with not always receiving the praise and credit,
even when it’s due.
I want you to be okay taking the spotlight and having the attention,
and being humble enough to know that it has been given to you as temporary loan by the one who is seated on the throne watching how you handle it,
so do us all a favor

Blow the lid off of every opportunity.

Opening Credits

We go to war, sometimes with others,
Sometimes with ourselves
And we are left with scars that don’t let us forget.
Similar to regret.
Weighing heavy on our soul, so visible that we can’t get passed it.
It is all we see in the mirror.
But flash a smile to those that pass by and none of them even bats an eye
or notices that the tears on your cheek still have not dried.

Sometimes you do everything right.
You follow all the rules. You go the extra mile.
And you still lose.

But there is hope.