The Sun
The sun never apologizes for being bright,
For giving life
For dispelling the darkness
For its beauty
For being “too much”
For giving you all that it has.
It is,

The sun never apologizes for doing what it was created for.
Neither should you.


Hopeless Hopeful


Hope is the lone star shining in the darkness.
The coolest of breezes on a summer’s day
Refreshing and revitalizing,
Gentle enough to bring a smile to your face in the midst of the heat and sweat
Stinging your eyes.

Hope is the slight tinge of blue at the edge of the horizon,
After spending an eternity becoming acquainted with the blackness,
Almost forgetting what colour is.
It is the faint, familiar whisper of your name after you felt
You had been left alone and abandoned.

Hope is watching a flower bloom,
Seeking the sun, opening up to receive love once again.
It is the sunshine after the storm.

Hope is the extra skip of a stone on the water
When you knew it was too good to be true.

It is a child asking their father for one more ride,
Their mother, one more story.
Not with words,
But with eyes.

Hope, often found in short supply.
I confess, I don’t have much,
But it seems that you could use some,
I will gladly share some of mine.



A breathtaking masterpiece to be.
Waiting to be seen,
To be beheld.
As we behold the Creator,
Beauty is in his eyes.
He has fashioned every detail,
We should stand with heads held high with pride.
How many pieces of artwork can say
Their creator died
So that they may have life?
Crafting art with traces of gold.
We stand bold as we come to know
The story though half has only been told.

A Moment of Clarity


Every moment I can manage to forget
Is one where I can breathe
As the old me.
No sighs of regret
No cold sweats.
Rather, I move with an ease as gentle as the summer’s breeze.
A feeling that is free.

I am never able to escape you for very long.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


I never thought that last time would be the last time.
I always thought there would be one more.

Another opportunity to hold your hand.
To stare into your eyes,
To steal a glance.

I didn’t think I would ever have to rely on my memory to imagine your energy.
It never crossed my mind that you were a limited appearance.

That one day
You would be gone,
Other people to meet
Other places to see
Other hearts to capture.

I thought I would see it coming,
I thought there would be warning signs.
Like the skies before a storm.
I never dreamed I would wake up and you wouldn’t be here.

I would have listened a little better
Loved a little more,
Held on a little tighter,

I would have treated every day like the grand finale,
Instead of overlooking the premiere.