Pressed by the inability
To grasp the thing I long for.
Only to grab hold of air,
Like trying to catch a cloud,
Remembering a fading dream.
The more I try
The more it escapes me.


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


I never thought that last time would be the last time.
I always thought there would be one more.

Another opportunity to hold your hand.
To stare into your eyes,
To steal a glance.

I didn’t think I would ever have to rely on my memory to imagine your energy.
It never crossed my mind that you were a limited appearance.

That one day
You would be gone,
Other people to meet
Other places to see
Other hearts to capture.

I thought I would see it coming,
I thought there would be warning signs.
Like the skies before a storm.
I never dreamed I would wake up and you wouldn’t be here.

I would have listened a little better
Loved a little more,
Held on a little tighter,

I would have treated every day like the grand finale,
Instead of overlooking the premiere.

Between The Lines


The quiet is as deafening as it is frustrating.
Blank faces with nothing but blue streak running across their cheeks,
With vacant stares, they express their desires.
I can read between the lines.
They mock me:
“Fill me”
They quietly whisper,
Knowing full well
That I can’t.

Round 2

When it is all said and done,
The path has been lost
The fire has died and the embers are cool,
When the hand is unsteady
And your confidence is as solid as a sandcastle with the tide rolling in.
When the light that once shone bright has grown dim,
And the passion seems to be gone,

Begin again.
Start small.
Take your time.
And begin again.



The beginning of the end.
All good things must.
And bad things must too.
But the end gives birth to new beginnings,
A setting sun gives way to the shinning of the moon.
The harshness of winter subsides for flowers to bloom.

Best Before


I’m going to break convention for a moment. I haven’t been posting as much, life has been busy, and I haven’t been on myself to write as much as I should be. But in the meantime, I did recently have the opportunity to perform at the Living Arts Centre/Mississauga Arts Council’s Best Of Open Mic Night. So here’s a clip of one of my performances. I’ll get back to writing and posting soon.

UPDATE: So since I can’t actually post videos to my blog yet, here’s the link