Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


I never thought that last time would be the last time.
I always thought there would be one more.

Another opportunity to hold your hand.
To stare into your eyes,
To steal a glance.

I didn’t think I would ever have to rely on my memory to imagine your energy.
It never crossed my mind that you were a limited appearance.

That one day
You would be gone,
Other people to meet
Other places to see
Other hearts to capture.

I thought I would see it coming,
I thought there would be warning signs.
Like the skies before a storm.
I never dreamed I would wake up and you wouldn’t be here.

I would have listened a little better
Loved a little more,
Held on a little tighter,

I would have treated every day like the grand finale,
Instead of overlooking the premiere.


Some Kind of Wonderful


And the beautiful thing about it is,
I love you.
Though I’ve never met you,
I already love you
I always have.
My life, has been a series of moments and events, preparing me for the rest of my life with you.
Hi, I’m glad we could finally meet.